Monday, June 17, 2013


With my new job at Westlake High School, I now have my summers off.  I will take some of this free time to try to get some blogging done.  So far we have had our youth conference (Pioneer Trek at Mosida on the west side of Utah Lake - INCREDIBLE!), Erik has gotten his driver's license, and we are getting the house back under control (cleanliness-wise).  We got chickens and are waiting for them to grow up and give us eggs but for right now we are enjoying our 6 new pets in the family room (!) until they are big enough to stay outside at night.  That's NOT helping with getting the house cleaned . . . And we are making sure to have a great garden this year because of my free time - whee, more time to weed . . .
I will do individual posts about each of these events, complete with pictures, but wanted to, first, touch base with the blog.  I think it is happy to see me. :)

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