Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lacrosse at the Lehi RoundUp

We, as a lacrosse parent organization, have been concerned about recruiting and building our lacrosse program. At our last parent meeting, I asked for input and the local town festivals were brought up as options. One of the mom's ran with it and got us into the Lehi Round Up parade last minute. I have never been in a parade before and was excited for this opportunity. It was GREAT! So much fun! It was warm, okay, hot, and sunny and exciting to be a part. We tossed out candy (gone within 4 blocks, note to self - quadruple the candy next year!) and left over t-shirts (about 75 of them). We had both the boys and girls varsity teams there walking and riding on the float (trailer). Here is a small sampling of our experience. By the way, I stood on the top of the trailer and only once did I almost fall off when he came to a stop after running over one of the girls' sticks that was dropped. Teri Gapinski saved me by grabbing the back of my shirt. That would not have been pretty to take a header into the back of the pickup truck!

The coaches sat at the back, handing out shirts and watching for recruiting options . . .

The boys had fun doing the "princess wave" - elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist . . .

Jared and Erik helped toss out candy and free t-shirts . . .

Peter did tricks . . .

and Markee was just happy to be there. :-)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Vacation - finally!

We're going to -

Finally after years of no real vacation, we are going to the happiest place on Earth! And it will be September when everyone is back in school so it will be cooler and emptier . . . we hope. Can't wait!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dancing cousins

When Markee and Tamsyn were itty bittys, about 3 years old, they danced. I would post pictures, but my scanner is not working - after I went through the albums and found the pictures, geez. They danced for a few years doing tap and ballet and jazz until both Jeff's family and our family moved way out west to Lehi and Eagle Mountain and the girls lost some interest.
When Markee started junior high she took dance classes again and loved them, but most especially the hip hop sections. So for her 14th birthday we gave her a year of hip hop lessons at a local studio. She was in heaven! This is the type of dance that she loves and does well. One year turned into two which will soon turn into three and, of course, she dragged her cousin into it with her. I don't think she had to "drag" very hard to get Tamsyn there. Their instructor, Lee Hadlock is fantastic and the girls love her. So, this year the recital was with both the cousins together again. Let's hear it for cousins!

From left to right, Maria, Dana Harrell (Markee and Tamsyn's good friend), Nicole Hadlock (Lee's daughter), Marie, LeAndrena Hadlock the great, Markee and Tamsyn

We left the girls in the car after the recital to run in and get rootbeer float ingredients. Never leave girls in the car alone with a camera . . .

After the recital, we went back to our house for rootbeer floats and the girls still had the dancing fever. They made up their own dance and performed it for us.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer fun

It has been an uneventful summer so far this year. With no car we just hang out at home most days. It has been a cool and rainy summer so far, but looks like the heat is finally here. Here is a little of what we have done, a little swimming, a little thunderstorm dancing and a lot of friends over. I feel like we are running our own day camp some times.

We did make it to the Lehi pool one day. It was just Erik, Marin, Nicolas, Jared and Parker Smith and I and we had a great afternoon.

Peter and Erik doing a thunderstorm dance. It was WAY funny to watch and the thunder and lightning were fantastic! We had a very rainy and cold spring/early summer but this was a rare warmer day, hence the shirtless look.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Just a regular Memorial day. Gardening, food-making, food-eating and game-playing. Ahh. I love my family!
Mark manned the barbeque at Peter's graduation party at our house (Jared was making salsa) so it was Jeff's turn for Memorial Day at his house.

We just sat around and ate and ate and ate til we almost exploded and then played board and card games to "work it off." :-)

Jeff and Alison had the badminton net set up so the kids spent a lot of time outside.