Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Markee's dream come true

Markee has had terrible teeth all her life - no cavities, just REALLY crooked. She even had extras, both baby and permanent! She has been wanting braces for years, but we just couldn't afford it - especially with Jared unemployeed for almost a year and a half! But that is where Grandma Daina stepped in and made Markee's dream come true. Several months ago Markee started with an expander and yesterday - tada! - the braces went on! She was so excited, and yes, we both know that this is a totally unattractive picture, but she wanted to document the day. She lost a bit of the excitement when her mouth began to ache in the afternoon and by this morning she is just trying to hold on to the end result to get through the pain. I told her it would only last a few days and then she could get the excitement back. We are so excited for pretty teeth!

Let's learn something new

As I look around me and see people do things so well, like running, writing, video gaming, cooking, etc, I have realized that I am a dabbler. I do lots of things a little bit. No wonder I have not instilled ambition into my kids! I even went to BYU for 7 years and didn't get a degree because I tried this and that and never really buckled down. So now I am going to dabble in the art of blogging. I have been keeping a journal for the last 4 years (not every day, but most - dabbling, remember?), but maybe put together with this blog it will be more complete. And maybe I will go through the pictures on the camera more often! :-) Let's see how I do with this! And, I'll be learning something new on the computer!