Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring break

The weather this spring break has been a rollercoaster. Monday it was warm and beautiful and I took advantage of it by taking the 3 children I had (the rest were at the Cooks) to Thanksgiving Point. Pictures to follow. Then, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday it snowed! By Saturday the weather had come full circle. Welcome to spring in Utah! It ended up being one of those kick-back, relax, play-video-and-computer-games week. It was a nice break from life. I think I got in the car twice all week.

Marin, Nicolas and Kate Cook at the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum - oh, look, it does have a name. Good thing I got it in the picture! :-)

Marin, Nicolas and Kate Cook at the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum.

Marin, Nicolas and Kate Cook enjoying the sun after the climb up the hill at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.

Marin, Nicolas and Kate feeding the fish. We remembered bread this time!

Marin and Nicolas and Kate Cook at the Gardens on Monday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She can see!

Marin has been waiting for this day for months. She noticed earlier in the school year that she was having trouble seeing the board at school, but due to finances there wasn't much we could do. An angel paved the way for the glasses to be prescribed and made, and ta-da, Marin can see with the best of them! She is so excited!