Saturday, February 28, 2009

Running with horses

So, about 3 years ago I was running in the early morning and 2 deer decided to join me. I freaked out, not knowing yet that they were REALLY friendly deer and everyone had a giggle at my expense. Rose, one of the deer, apologized for scaring me by having her baby on my lawn the next summer.
Well, Thursday morning I went out for a run in the cold and dark and as I was going down the street I saw a very tall man, all in black, standing in the middle of the road. I am by myself and realizing that this is not the smartest thing that I am doing (running in the dark by myself). I slowed down to see if he was going or coming and to see if I recognized him. He didn't move, just stood there in the middle of the road - I could just see his outline in the neighbor's outside lights. A little more than a little freaked out, I came to a stop trying to decide to run home or try to hide, hoping that he didn't see me. That is when I noticed that there were three and they weren't men, they were horses. They must have been scared of me running toward them as they stood stock-still until I stopped. Then they all came over to find out if I was friend or foe. They must have escaped from their fence and were out enjoying their freedom. I was worried that they might want to come for a run with me, so I walked sedately home, leaving them to their breakfast of weeds on the side of the road. I must admit, after the burst of adrenaline I wasn't in any shape to run anymore anyway. What is it with me and big animals on my runs?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ah, spring

Brilliant blue skies, the drip, drip of melting snow, and mid-40's. I can feel it coming! It is actually light enough when the kids leave in the morning to see them go down the street and they always come home with just a sweatshirt (or not) on. And the cleaning fever is already hitting. I have been to the store a couple times in the last few weeks just to buy bins to organize things in. I mostly cleaned and rearranged both boys' rooms and the girls' room (still need more bins!). It's time to start getting outside. I went out to run in the dark early morning this morning and was able to see the trash cans before I ran into them! Ah, the long dark winter is almost over.
I love the change of seasons and always look forward to the first snow each winter. I love the time change that makes it dark in the evening because it feels so cozy at home. And I love the little chill in the air as fall descends upon the heat of summer. But there is nothing like the first warm breath of spring. The red buds on the trees, the mud - yes, even the mud! - and the first hint of green on the ground. Freezing cold lacrosse games - at least we are outside - and the really chilly Run For Red 5K every March truly mark the beginning of spring and revitalize and invigorate. It's almost here. Can I pull out the shorts yet? :-)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can I petition for 30 hours in a day?

So when does life slow down? I know we should appreciate the moment we are in and not wish for the future, but I feel like I am always going, going going, and am missing everything. I love running the bookfair at the kids' elementary school and want to do it as long as they let me, but then I need a whole week just to catch up with the rest of my life! Working every day this year has really made me make the most of the "free time" that I have. I realize how much time I must have wasted all these years. My house should have been spotless, laundry always done and folded and dinner should have always been on the table by 6pm when I didn't work 4 hours a day AND volunteer at the kids' schools. Now I run - many times literally - from one thing to the next. Log off the work computer and dash to the school, help in the classrooms and get home with the kids. Then become the chauffeur - oh how I wish Peter had some desire to get his license! - homework helper and chef for the evening. On the days I don't go to the school there is always a meeting - school community council, Primary presidency, etc - or I need to run errands. I do squeeze in "me time" here and there, but definitely not in long stretches. How on earth do full-time working mothers not lose their sanity?! I need just a few more hours added to each day, with extra energy to get through them. Then I will have time to run, read and do projects around the house that don't involve a sponge, rag, broom, cleanser or duster . . . Maybe even do a quilt again . . . Ah, fantasy . . .