Tuesday, January 19, 2010

He did it

Waaaaa. He looks old and tall now. It will take some getting used to for me, but he is happy with his decision. Maybe it will cut some time off his racing - meet on Saturday . . .

Monday, January 11, 2010


Every winter when Mom comes up she always says, "I want to go sledding while I am here!" I'm so glad she does because I don't know that we would make time to do it without her. We always have a great time, though. It is so nice to have a hill right across the street from our development so we can do quick potty runs when we need to. This year Grandma Daina gave the 3 boys sleds for Christmas so they had new sleds to break in, and boy did they try to "break them" in - going over every jump they could find, except for Nicolas who was happy to just sled down the hill as fast as he possibly could. Fun was definitely had by all - especially Jeff and Mark who seem to lose about 30 years when you put a sled in their hands and a hill of snow in front of them!

Baby baptism

No, I do not advocate baby baptisms, but it is my "baby" that was baptized a week and a half ago. Yes, I know I am way behind in posting, but now I have a different excuse. The card I have in my camera is now an SDHC and apparently the card slots in my printer don't accept that newer technology. But, Great Scott!, we discovered that there are card reader slots in the base of our monitor! How long have those been there??? :-) Anyway, now that I was able to upload pictures, I can post them.

So, on January 2nd, my little Nicolas, lovingly known as Pickles, took the plunge. He was so excited and glowing! It was fun for him to be baptized with 4 other little boys from our ward - yes, 5 boys all turning 8 and being baptized in the same month. The poor Wolf cub scout leader!