Monday, July 29, 2013

Garden update - I'm in love

I have to say, and I promise that I am not bragging because I am not taking any credit at all, I LOVE MY GARDEN!  And I think that this year, the feeling is mutual.  We are having a love affair and it's a win-win situation for everyone - including my neighbors.  I don't know what to attribute it to - the huge loads of mink manure, the great watering system Jared put in, the weather, feeling the love - but the garden is magnificent this year.  All the plants are big and beautiful and most are plentiful in their fruits.  We have made many zucchini and lettuce deliveries already and have enjoyed a plethora of salads and zucchini bread.  The peas are, of course, the garden treat that we enjoy every time we go out to weed or harvest or, as I keep finding myself doing, just walking around enjoying the garden atmosphere.  We are anxiously waiting for the tomatoes, potatoes, watermelon, onions, carrots, corn, etc. to be ready too, praying that they will not fall prey to bugs, disease or any other impediment. 
Because I am not working this summer I find myself out there several times a day, just to enjoy the greenery.  I really want a little garden bench so I can park myself under an apple tree and read.  I could spend all day out there, even in the heat, in the shade of my beautiful apple tree. 
I feel so blessed by my Heavenly Father's endowment of this wonderful garden.  I know every year is not like this so I am loving every minute of this summer!  I have to be a wise steward this year and make sure that we don't let any of our harvest go to waste.  I sure hope I will still have time to can, jar, freeze, dry, etc. after school starts in August!

Three glorious zucchini plants - we've already harvested a dozen zucchini and it's only July!

My cute little honey-crisp apple tree is granting us beautiful apples in its second year

The tomato jungle . . .


and the corn forest.

We have loved our butter lettuce and sugar snap peas but are still waiting for the beans to produce . . . well, beans of course.
Looking forward to applesauce this year

The watermelons are going crazy!

So hoping that these beautiful pumpkin plants actually yield some big pumpkins this year, although they have already given me great joy just in growing so well!

Gorgeous grape vines with several bunches of grapes ripening

We should have cucumbers aplenty judging by the vines

Even our fruit salad tree is providing plums this year!  First time ever!

Our pear tree is a joy every year. 

Can't wait for the carrots and onions, but we are wondering, does a broccoli plant really grow broccoli?  It's beautiful and healthy - but no little trees . . .

First pumpkin of the season, growing on our "volunteer" pumpkin plant.  Bonus!

Already harvested a few peppers for salsa.  Excited for more!
A plethora of peaches