Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nicolas' birthday

My baby is 9. He is getting all growed up. I remember how old Peter seemed at this age. In some ways Nicolas seems so much younger, but in other ways he is way older. Having older siblings grows you up faster. I told Nicolas that he could have a party and he wanted to go to Jump On It. He had to invite fewer friends to do something so expensive, so I told him to just invite 2 or 3. He did me one better. He only invited one. His idea of a great birthday? Playing with his friend, Cody, all day. That's it. So I had Marin bring a friend too and Erik came and it all made a party. Nicolas did his "missionary work" for the day too. He and Cody had cooked up a scheme to have Cody sleep over on a Saturday so that he could check out Nicolas' church. Cody found out that 3 hours of church might be a bit much! :-)

catching up

Once again, the month got away from me. We have had Nicolas' birthday, Markee's Christmas recital, Christmas and Marin's birthday and have I blogged any of it? Of course not. Here's the update . . .

Monday, December 13, 2010

Crafty projects

I'm not sure when it happened and how it started, but I got into a real knitting mood this year. And then the ambition hit. I decided to knit a hat, scarf and mitten set for each of my little close-by nieces. I got sidetracked by headwraps (wide headbands) for the older girls and by a pair of slippers for Marin (shh, don't tell), so it took me longer than expected and I still have 2 to do for Tim's girls, but I am so pleased with the finished products! I hope the girls like them, but if not, hopefully they will use them for their snowmen! Go, me!

Monday, December 6, 2010

And the tree is up!

Our Christmas tree tradition?

1. Head to the Happy Valley Tree lot the first Saturday in December.
2. Allow kids to run completely uncontrolled while Jared and I find a tree.
3. Have all the kids stop for at least long enough to say, "yeah, that's great".
4. Tie said tree on top of car and head home.
5. Put tree in tree stand and water. Leave it naked over the rest of the weekend.
6. Hold Family Home Evening on Monday evening with an abbreviated lesson and a long activity of decoating poor naked tree.
7. Allow kids to once again run completely uncontrolled while dad has a great time lighting the tree.
8. Take pictures of everyone having a great time completely disguising the pine tree as a snowman's paradise.

9. Voila, Christmas tree. Stand back and admire our wonderful work of art and sigh with relief that it didn't fall over during the decorating. :)