Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nicolas at the Capitol

I love the cub scout leaders in our neighborhood!  They are fully invested and give the boys opportunities to have some great adventures.  Their most recent venture was to the Utah State Capitol so the boys can get a "behind the scenes" look at the legislature at work - well it was after hours so I don't know how much work was getting done.  Elena took this picture of Nicolas in the Supreme Court.  I wonder if he is the lead for the prosecution or the defense . . .  I know he had a great time though!  Thanks Elena and Erin!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Game Closet

As you can see by my bio to the right, I love games.  Board games, card games, video games, computer games and even party games (some of them).  I could just play games all day long and be perfectly happy - well, as long as I have a bowl of M&Ms at hand.  My brothers and I grew up playing games (I don't remember playing games with Leah or Tim unfortunately) and I always lost.  Always.  But I still loved playing.  We played Monopoly, WaterWorks, Careers, Scrabble, Boggle, checkers and chess, etc, all the old stand-bys.  I remember playing HuskerDu and mancala with my neighbor friend, Julie Nelson, too. 
So, now that we are all growed up (:-)), what do Jeff and Mark and I do when we get together?  We play games, of course!  Even Mom and Dad join in when they are here.   So, since we are such experts, Jeff and Alison came up with the idea of creating a game review website.  We are hoping people will go to our site to check out what games are fun and they will buy them off of our links to Amazon and  But really, truth be told, it just gives a reason to get together even more often to play games - "work meetings" we call them.  What a great life I have!  Here's the link to our site under construction -

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweetheart dance

Markee invited her friend Chandler to the Sweetheart dance. He is one of that group of friends that I love; one that went to the top of Timp with us last summer. She had her group come over to play games and watch a movie on Saturday afternoon and then they all went home to get ready for the dance before going out to eat and heading to the school. Markee had a great time and she looked so pretty all dressed up. They made a cute couple ("Mooom!" says Markee). :-) This was her second "date dance" but first semi-formal and she did it with flair. She picked the perfect dress - you can't buy a modest semiformal dress we discovered - with a little jacket to go over it and the perfect heels and tights. Loved it! And she and Marin did her hair curly cute. My little girl is all growed up.